Second Team find the rain at Narborough

Well a new season kicked off the 2’s away at one of last seasons relegated premier league sides, Narborough. The sun shone the temperature was soaring and it really did not seem like late April, as the sweat ran down the brows of all during the warm up.
Captain Bailey gave his pre-match speech in the huddle during the warm up and warned all of the difficulties that lay ahead if we did not produce better performances as both individuals and as a team his season. Especially if we did not want a repeat of last season’s relegation nerves.
Well if all were listening it did not show on what happened during the next 3hours!!!
Pre match consultation with the more senior players resulted in Bail’s inserting Narborough on winning the toss. ( a positive decision to show intent and go for the win ). Things started well with some tight bowling especially from Tej, and after 6 overs the score was the same….. That’s when the wheels started to fall off.
An edge from ex Kibby player Mick Whitmore saw Tommo throw himself for the catch but only resulted in him getting enough glove on to deflect it away from Fab at 1st slip, and the first chance went down. This seemed to give Whity the lift he wanted, and we saw the Mick of old as he started to play some Whitmore like shots all around the ground. The run-rate started to climb and as bowling changes came and went, it was not till the 15 over that Simmo broke through with the score on 66, when Fab held onto one at 2nd slip. Prior to that we had shelled an additional 2 catches to that of Tommo’s!!
Another rousing chat at the first drinks interval also fell on deaf ears as we haemorrhaged 60runs in the next 10 overs. A double break through with, Luke getting a wicket with a Botham’esc delivery bowling the hosts new overseas Dodd and then Simmo bowling a good one to Whity who nicked of to Tommo, left them on 125 for 3 in the 27th over, and gave us some hope of keeping Narborough down to a chase able total..
3 more tight overs before drinks gave Tom the luxury of lifting the team this time and we set ourselves the target of keeping Narborough to around 200 / 210. It would appear that again not many were listening!!! The runs flowed, the catches were shelled, the mis-fields increased and poor Tom’s hair was coming out in bunch!!
A late wicket for Luke and a run-out gave us a couple of late wickets to make the score look a little more respectable, but 250 for 5 was probably 30 more than they should got.
Despite a poor first half chat coming from the changing room was still positive, and we knew that on a good deck with a steady start and wickets in hand, 251 for victory was very gettable.
Well that was the plan, and again plans b & c were soon in place. Dips went in the 6th over, 16 for1, and then in the 10th we lost Bhav and Rosco to leave us 30 for 3.
Some steady rebuilding and by Fab and Luke had us moving nicely in the right direction, and had us sitting tantalisingly on 129 for 3 after 30. 7 wickets in hand, Parky, Simmo, & Tommo to come. Game on!!!
No, Game off!! It had been showing signs of some thundery rain for a few overs but mid-way through the 30th it came, and at the end of the 30th the players headed for the shelter of the pavilion. Unfortunately after 30min or so of heavy rain, it was too late and to wet to restart the game, so the spoils were shared. The points split on the differential draw did not do us any favours, but it was probably a fair reflection on the game.
Positives that did come out of the game were Tej’s opening spell 7-0-22, and the form that both Fab and Luke showed with the bat.
We as a team and as individuals will need to lift our games for the forthcoming match against the 2nd of the side who were relegated from the prem last year, Ashby Hastings, if we do not want a repeat of last weeks performance and result, and if the individuals want to keep playing at this level within the club

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