Sunday XI vs Magna 73

Elwood’s Legends Break Losing Streak

Kibworth CC V Magna 73 


These have been testing times for the Legends XI. Five matches, five defeats and even seasoned Sabbath Balcony Boozers must have been wondering what was to be done. Cometh the hour, cometh the man. 

Steve Elwood isn’t our leader for nothing. Rumour has it he was 6 foot 5 in his youth but years of hard trundling up and down the country have seen his legs wear down to his present height. However beneath that balding dome obviously lies a keen cricketing brain that brought forth a staggering tactical stratagem to halt the slump in results. Play 12 instead of 11. Mr Chairman, it was genius! 

 Now you might think playing 12 (albeit on a rotating fielder basis) might give an unfair advantage but tough times require tough measures and a draw ensured, albeit in rearguard fashion. 

 Magna batted first and amassed 212 off their 40 overs. As it turned out Tim Neal’s brief innings turned out to be a tactical masterstroke as guest star Ben ‘Memory Man’ Matthew began to pepper the legside boundary in fine style on his way to a pretty classy 60. Ok, he had his luck too including just chipping the chairman at Mid On and then surviving a confident caught behind appeal after a distinctly woody noise was heard by all but the umpire. No-one can survive endless chances though and a pretty unorthodox stumping finally sent him on his way. 

 The chase for the runs began with Club Sec and his sturdy step son opening up. A steady start was achieved but sadly not sustained, and only a resolute unbeaten 60 for Steve Thompson prevented the well rehearsed slide into the brown canal. However that isn’t to say that the Kibworth reply wasn’t without incident even though it finished with 8 wickets down and about 40 runs short. 

 When the first wicket fell it was a surprise to many to see Jatin Lodhia stroll to the wicket at number 3. Now credit where it is due, the steady Leg Spinner had temporarily cashed in his bowlers chips to book a spot higher up the order and backed himself to take the opportunity. Even for a man with infectious cricketing enthusiasm it did seem a little like a naive turkey walking up to Bernard Matthews house and thinking it was only for coffee and a chat. To be fair to our man though he did score 2 more than expected! 

 You see though results and individual performances are almost irrelevant on a Sunday, well though Sam Pounds and Chris Carson batted down the order. You can play 12 men, you can ask for a promotion up the batting order to see if the grass is greener, you can even turn out for the opposition if you like. Its all about friendship, the Corinthian spirit and easy access to the bar afterwards. Long may it continue. 



Miller, Bleby, Lodhia, Lodge O, Thompson S (Wkt), Simpson H, Jennings, Lodge B, Juvvanapodi, Carson, Pounds S, Elwood S (Capt) 

William Jennings – 01/06/2011

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