Badger leads firsts to win at Kegworth

A trip to league leaders Kegworth was what faced the first team last Saturday, not for the first time this season Pedro was unavailable due to footballing reasons but for once he could be forgiven considering the occasion. This along with Renno and the Legends absence (I’m still waiting for him to tell me where he has gone!) meant that the Badger would take on the job as skipper. For some this meant reconsidering their availability but thankfully everyone seemed to be talked into the idea of putting up with the Badger all Saturday being in charge!
After everyone arriving well on time which was a first for the season the KCC lads attempted to warm up at the Kop end of the ground! The rain provided a good reason to abandon the warm up and the lads squeezed their way into the dressing room! Finally after half an hour of reading some intellectual journals provided by Burty the rain stopped and the job of moving the covers got underway. Moving the covers is usually a simple task where players stand around the edge of the sheet, pick it up, and walk it off the square. Unfortunately simple task and Ram don’t quite go together, with a tsunami of water approaching him, rather than raising the sheet up Ram decided to get scared and let go completely allowing water to spill all over the square. Surely if Simon Webbe had been watching Rambo would have completed the task in a more masculine way!
A quick spin up as to not lose any overs saw the Badger lose it and KCC were put into bat. Due to the lack of time between the toss and the start of play the Badger had to make do with no team talk, much to his disappointment! So Ram and the Badger made their way out into the middle to be greeted in the usual friendly fashion that Kegworth adopt with teams. The pitch which was unusually green even for Kegworth considering the weather we have been having definitely had something in it for the bowlers and the ball moved around a bit early on. After surviving a couple of LBW shouts which got the whole of Kegworth appealing including the scorer, the tea lady and the whole of the residents on the main road, Ram started to score freely putting away some loose deliveries in his usual stylish fashion. At the other end the Badger went about his usual business of winding up the opposition and hitting a few boundaries in his usual ‘stylish’ fashion! A definite way to wind opposition bowlers up is to inside edge the ball to mid-on for a single and then reply to the sledge of the bowler for a horrendous shot with “it should have gone over the clubhouse mate!” So after 10 overs KCC looked comfortable at 55-0. Rambo then two balls after an attempted stumping decided he felt sorry for the keeper and let him have another go, after the appeals from the grounds man failed the first time, this time the local vicar joined in and the decision was given out! Shortly after the Badger fell LBW which was given after a longer wait than the X Factor winner has to endure!
The next 20 overs contained 50 runs, 5 wickets, some poor shots and some terrible luck! All watched at the other end by Johnny who provided the backbone during the innings, he would witness the demise of Kevin Burton and his wooden pads, the run out of Daz backing up and Cobby, Jacko and Aamir forgetting it wasn’t 2020 until Monday! So after 32 overs KCC were now 110-7 and into the cauldron stepped Tom ‘Cracking Flags’ Driver. We still don’t quite know the official meaning of his catch phrase but on Saturday Drives definitely was Cracking Flags! The Kegworth players at this point must have thought an early finish ready for the football was on the cards but Drives and Johnny had other ideas, the next 18 overs saw the pair put on a century stand full of some lusty blows from Driver and some delightful strokes from Johnny. Driver must have missed school the day they did simple addition and he managed to talk his way into the KCC record books after a few Bulmers on Saturday night! The innings closed on 220-7 a great effort after being 104-6.
Then came the moment the Badger had been waiting for! Before entering the field of play a KCC huddle formed and the Badger had his moment. Confusing himself for Churchill he informed every player that they must do their duty and that like the Kegworth residents, appeal for all they were worth! The innings got off to the start KCC needed, after an over from Kevin the ball was now in the hands of Drives who after milking it at tea decided he could take the new ball despite all the batting he had just done! The first 15 overs saw a brilliant spell of bowling reducing the home side to 50-5, all victims falling to Drives. His final over of his first spell saw him clean up a Kegworth batter and the ball deflect straight onto Cobby’s knee at 1st slip, the next hour saw Cobby stumble around the pitch in a way he normally saves for Saturday nights in Terrace! A mixed bag from Broughts saw him pick up a useful 3 for getting wickets at key times, and Aamir picking up the ninth wicket when a partnership threatened a come-back from Kegworth. Now from my spot at gully when the game started to swing back Kegworth’s way for a spell the team’s reaction was a wonder to behold. Amongst it was Jacko who has never been quieter on a field of play before (or is that well behaved?!) and Ram playing with his symbols! The bowlers from what I could work out were practicing some kind of dance routine they had in store for a night in Enigma later on! After getting fed up of picking Drivers toys up as he hadn’t bowled his second spell yet the Badger finally decided it was time to reintroduce the star of the show and the game was finally put to bed. A most satisfying victory it has to be said and a fantastic effort by Drives and Johnny.
As for Sundays cup game……oh yea!


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