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With the demand of modern cricket and innovators in the shortened version of the game such as Eoin Morgan and Kevin Pieterson, we at KCC do not wish to be left behind and have therefore secured the service of a specialist batting coach. At times during the shortened format of the game or a T20, it’s useful to have someone to go in and take some risks. These are known as Pinch hitters. they can change a game and put the bowling side on the back foot and force captains to radically re-think their strategy. The next development from this, is to indulge in reverse psychology, by pushing a pinch hitter up the order and then fooling the bowling side by not hitting the ball off the square. This new role has been named “Pinch Nurdler”. An experiment took place last week in loughborough where this role was tested under match conditions and i look forward to revealing the results when thoroughly evaluated and then hopefully we can merge this role through our coaching programs. Initial results suggest this role is best suited to left handers.

Please keep an eye out for future posts on Pinch Nurdling

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