Firsts hang on for draw against Stoughton

Well it’s a double report from the Desk of FK this week. It will also be the seasons shortest duet of match reports as the stubbly wide smotherer has a fairly hectic weeks work. Apologies for any miss-spelt words but I am forced to type with just the right hand as the left hand is a mass of purple bruising and no i did not drop Pedro’s wallet on it, but from the pasting it took down the legside on Saturday.

Team news for Saturday was an unchanged line up from the winning draw at Barrow the previous week. On a very windy day it was KCC who won the toss and decided to stick them in on a white deck which looked lively. The wind would be a factor in the boys being able to bowl straight, that and generally having been unable to bowl straight.
Luck wasn’t selected this week and without his presence in the field, former KCC junior Gags Singh provided more chips than Grimsby Fisheries and you wouldn’t believe how many times in his innings of 60, he went to either side and over the fielders and about as close as Pippa Middletons dress to her bum on more than 10 occasions.
Nobody had ever seen someone batting with a pitching wedge before but despite renno tweaking his field, it just didn’t go to hand. What did go to hand in his first delivery however was Opener Sykes faint outside edge and into FK’s as yet not purple hands. In seasons gone by Sykes has been a troublesome competitor with ball in hand and a number 11 bat, but following second team county 50, was up the order but swiftly removed by oppo second team Bear burton (aka Kevin the Teenager)
That would be the only bit of early joy as with other batstmen being coached by gags and applauded for some eyes closed top edges with “thats you!”, it was a day of being as frustrated as Burty when he complained he couldn’t finish the jigsaw of the Tiger he had been trying to complete for a week, only to be told by Dee that it wasn’t in fact a jigsaw of a tiger, but a box of frosties cornflakes.
The bowlers tried hard and it wasn’t easy, FK was John West like in his salmon impressions and young Neel Thakraar played well for 50 and with Ledge finding 10 tight overs for 19 to bring things back in line, we had kept Stoughton down to 232, despite conceding 29 of those in unforced errors., something we would avoid the following day. More later.
The boys were content with that tally, even Kevin the Teenager. If there was as sign that maybe things wouldn’t go our way, it was Left arm love god and genuine all rounder and style icon, drivers sound system that would only fire from 1 of it’s 2 speakers and so our batting would only fire from 1 of its openers. Ram’s 31 would be the top score of the day, despite a classy start from Hanger, a gutsy knock from daz and a solid display from brought and drives, we would finish short and close on 206 with a 9 point tally from the days efforts.
Post game it was a bit flat as expected, we had restricted Stoughton to a very gettable total but not cemented the partnerships needed to knock it off. With a big game against lutterworth the next day it would be a quiet evening. Badger looked forward to skippering the side the following Saturday as pedro would be at the champions league. Not in this case with the mighty Welford ASBO Chavs FC, but as a spectator. Ledge would iron his leggings to wear the following day after the match. (I am gonna pay for that comment i know!) and Kevin the teenager was tempted to buy some spare tickets driver had for the imogen Thomas concert, as he heard she had been doing gigs all over Manchester.
Its still early doors in the season but we cant afford to miss out on knocking off scores like that at home against sides who we should control. Still like FK at a buffet, we will be back.

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