Huncote beat Sunday side

Kibworth Legends V Huncote Spearheads

Kibworth lost by 32 runs

Yesterday the Legends season moved through the gears seamlessly from its starting point of ‘Shambles’ through ‘Fiasco’ and into ‘Farce’. The team with no captain (and possibly no idea) nearly had no match due to a misunderstanding that saw both teams turn up at each others ground. Thankfully quick thinking from all concerned, and sterling work by Abbo, meant the game took place with only a minor delay.

Such is the way of Sunday cricket this season at Kibworth the first thing that team had to do was hold a meeting to elect a skipper for the afternoon. The Bard was nominated and elected unopposed then, in an event almost without precedence, won the toss too. Huncote were to bat and Kibworth restricted the Spearheads to 132 for 7 off their allotted overs. The bowling was excellent, none more so than Aadil who bamboozled all present by turning the ball square in both directions. It was a pity then that he blotted his copybook right at the end by not rewarding his teammates with the obligatory five wicket jug. For the record we will accept payment in samosas next week but these are not the standards we expect from a Kibworth first teamer!

If the bowling was excellent the catching was more Benny Hill with chance after chance hitting the turf. None hit the turf harder than Abbo though after one slow motion slip attempt, when at full stretch (and tsunami alert ready) the big man fumbled his big moment with pitch invasion, and national press, primed to go.

Now even with the paucity of their batting the home side fancied their target and the chances of victory, especially so with a jug avoiding star batsman hid away at number 4. Even the sight of Elliot Lodge opening the batting to accommodate his working requirements did little to dampen the mood, when he was removed in short order eyebrows were not raised. Unfortunately the normally steady Badri was gone first ball to a delivery that could quite possibly have flattened all three poles and then Aadil was given out caught behind when he wasn’t in the same postcode as the cherry (karma perhaps for him planning not to buy a jug?) and slowly trudged off in the manner that only the truly wronged can muster. Throw in an Imran Patel duck and Kibby were 22 for 4.

Spirits were down but certainly not out (unlike the first four batsmen). Even when Abbo managed to pick out the only fielder on the leg side Joel Juvvanapodi and Olly Lodge batted sensibly and the small target was being reduced nicely. Hope was raised. Then hope was dashed.

Joel skied one, Siraj decided all out aggression was the way to go and after one too many biffs had a way to go back to the pavilion. The Bard’s trusty square cut failed him when one with a bit of extra bounce took the splice and Kibby were looking to hang on for the draw. They got within 3 overs of the finish when one hit Olly’s handle and, after some confusion, the umpire sent him on his way for a beautifully crafted 30 odd. It became the doomsday scenario of numbers 10 and 11 to block out for the draw.

Let us then review what occurs next. Jamie Thompson walks out to bat in less than glorious light to be greeted by Jatin Lodhia. Jatin immediately tells his new partner that he is the senior batsman. (To the uninitiated this is a bit like Stevie Wonder telling Ray Charles that he will see him right). Anyway they both agree that aggressive play is out of the question. Why then you might ask did Jatin start playing expansive drives at the ball, albeit it with zero success, and then calling his partner through for a single which would have seen him out by yards? Sitting on electrocuted spikes would have made more comfortable viewing.

It may have been the penultimate over when Jamie faced up to his first ball. Possibly his first since his golden duck attributed to his expanded waistline earlier in the season. Unfortunately Jamie again managed to miss a straight one first up, presumably in the way he wouldn’t miss a pie, and Kibby had lost again.

Truth be told we do have a problem, no-one else can help, but we don’t need the A-Team, we don’t need the B- Team or even a C and D team, we need to be left alone as a team and fight our own corner. Pride, and a little talent injected here and there, will turn things around.


Abbott, Lodge E, Badri, Ali, Patel, Juvvanapodi, Lodge O, Yusuf, Jennings (Capt/ Wkt), Lodhia, Thompson J.

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