Legends beat Bowden

A worthy triumph for the Legends for which the word convincing barely seems adequate.  Kibworth batting first amassed 217 from their allotted 40 overs before skittling their near neighbours for just 66 in return.  You could call it a spanking but this was a whole week’s detention worth of spanking followed up by a top up beasting by Matron just to make sure the message was received. 

 Kibworth opened up with a combination of Badri and The Bard. You might be forgiven for suggesting this sounded like a bad 1970’s American cop show but at 13 for 2 it was more catastrophe than Kojak. Badri, fresh from entry into fatherhood, spooned one off the back of his bat without troubling the scorers and then the Bard, just 94 off a well earned century, was bowled by one that cut back in despite warning all and sundry that the bowler was, well, cutting them back in. 

 13 for 2 though soon became a distant memory as Chris Carson and Ben Matthew showed how to bat on a benign wicket. Chris played the steady hand (although no criticism should be implied for that) whilst Fido played the more flamboyant knock including one tremendous clean hit over Long On for six. With the boundary on the top square pushed all the way out it was a noteworthy blow and on a strictly pound for pound basis has to be equivalent to Abbo launching one somewhere past Jupiter.  

 Chris finally departed for a well crafted 40, Fido reached his debut Sunday century before retiring which allowed the Lodge twins to entertain. Ben went out to trial his ‘mongoose’ under match conditions and by the end of his entertaining knock was switch hitting and throwing in other party pieces. At the other end Olly was playing a more orthodox knock but still keeping the scoreboard moving along.  

 If all the batting wasn’t fun enough the prime comedy for anyone within ear shot was the twins calling each other black and blue for their running between the wickets. To cut a long story short it seemed that the batsman trying to get onto strike suddenly believed he had the speed capabilities of Usain Bolt and couldn’t believe that the other one wasn’t going to run. The exact vocab used would probably be best saved for a less sensitive environment though. 

 It soon became apparent that the Kibworth score wouldn’t be troubled. Elliot Lodge was finding some lovely away swing that had the visiting openers bamboozled whilst Jamie was keeping the score down by testing out the middle of the pitch from the other end. The big man though finally remembered the three wooden bits and delivering a fine Yorker that brought to the wicket Bowden’s Ashwin who came out swinging and compiled a swift 36 before being removed. At this point the house of cards caved in. 

 Ben Lodge, fresh from his mini batted exploits, bowled some lovely left arm spin that initially brought him three wickets as the scoring rate dried up completely. More and more fielders surrounded the bat as wickets fell and the Bowden line up showed as much ambition as a Liberal Democrat at a student rally.  

 Trying to tempt the Bowden boys out of their shell skipper Bleby launched his grenades from one end and The Bard was invited to moonball from the other. If the sight of Blebs bowling around the wicket “purely because I hadn’t done it before” AND snaring a victim wasn’t enough for your scrapbooks the bowling figures of the wordsmith (Five Overs, Five Maidens) is surely the stuff of legend. 

The end came in the 37th over when Ben Lodge ended a personally memorable match for him when he induced one mis judged shot too many which Lee Butler gleefully grabbed about 18 inches from the bat.  

The Legends (or should we call them Legends of the future) had triumphed in fine style. I doubt if Welford (the next opponents) were losing sleep just yet but its always nice to dream.

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