Legends claim rare win

Kibworth Legends V Husbands Bosworth

Kibworth won by 5 wickets

Backs were slapped, hands were shaken and misty eyed veterans finally uttered a word that had almost been lost to the Sunday vocabulary, ‘victory’. In a turnaround that would make Janus himself get neck ache the Legends finally produced a performance to be proud of against Husbands Bosworth.

 On a worn pitch with more open cracks than… with more open cracks than… oh insert your own joke here, I lost my nerve. Anyway 204 looked a mightily good score, on past form about 60 more than the Legends would usually muster. Former Kibby junior John Lee came to the party in a big way with a noteworthy 138 born of an edge or two as he got going then some meaty long handle. Dropped once at midwicket early on (albeit off a shot that seemed to travel at warp feed) and then at Long On towards the end it would be churlish to say anything against this innings other than ‘well done’ or “where was the jug then”?

 Dropped catches were unfortunately not just restricted to those two, possibly the pick of the lot was a sitter the Bard put down. Unkind commentators might have suggested it wouldn’t have gone South if it were a slice of Victoria Sponge, anyway it was deemed bad enough for the King Of The Moobs to be collecting the match fees later on.

 An old advert once said you needed to put a tiger in your tank. This match proved you also need a tiger in your team, a Leicester Tiger that is, as Scott Hamilton proved he is not just adept with the egg shaped ball. He entered the fray with the home side 44 for 1 thanks to a steady start given to the side by Badri and Laurence Joel and he wouldn’t leave it until the game was won.

 Scott and Badri manipulated the ball around the park in chanceless fashion and pad rash seemed to be the order of the day up on the balcony. Both men passed 50 and the run rate seemed about as relevant as Mrs Goggins at the annual Miss World Post Mistress beauty pageant. Then the stutter occurred.

 Badri called for a single that only Usain Bolt could have made and a direct hit sent him on his way. Harry Miller swiftly followed LBW, a decision that redefined plumb, unless your name was Harry Miller that is. Finally The Bard then lumbered to the centre under instruction from the other end to either dead bat it or hammer it and took the latter option, without actually connecting with the ball however.

 Connecting with the ball though was never a problem for Scott who continued on this merry way, this time with Henry Simpson giving fine support at the other end. 11 required off the last two overs proved to be no issue as he clattered one ball for four before finishing the match in some style with an almighty clout over mid wicket that is probably still travelling.

 So there you go, the long winless run is over and cricketing academics will no doubt ruminate on what the formula that is now to be followed. Do you drop a couple of catches every week to get the banter flowing? Bat second and chase? Or do you allow your young bowlers to restrict the opposition and then let a powerful antipodean wreak havoc with the willow? Personally I think its time for Jonah Lomu, Crocodile Dundee and Skippy The Bush Kangaroo to form an orderly queue.


Joel, Badri, Hamilton, Miller (wkt), Jennings, Simpson H, Juvvanapodi, Lodge B, Pounds S, Lodge O, Bleby (Capt)

William Jennings – 06/06/2011

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