Legends vs Braunstone

They say space is the final frontier and the Legends had a flavour of it
yesterday. That's not to say that any particular member of the team
looks like the crew of the starship Enterprise, more that to say that
thanks to rain delays the match finished at close to 8:30 in conditions
close to those expected in deep space. Dark, miserable and with an
occasional moonball thrown in, but more of that later.

 Braunstone took the opportunity to insert Kibworth which wasn't quite
as eye watering as it might sound. Fido continued his good form with a
72 that was the backbone of the home effort, indeed so good was his
knock that the rest of the Kibby batsmen took turns to come out and join
him for a short while before allowing someone else a close quarter's
view of a batter in full flow. Like a cheap bra (apparently) this lack
of support would prove damaging in the long run. Kibworth would
eventually finish on 160 for 9 which appeared to be about 20 short. When
Fido eventually fell and Dan Pedley finally picked out Long Off after a
brisk 18 the tail didn't have anyone sufficiently dashing enough to
boost the scoring as briskly as required. The wicket was slow, the
bowlers were good enough, it was to be hoped the fielding would back it
up to squeak a victory.

 Towards the end of the tea break the clouds drew in and the rain came
down. Never heavy enough to warrant Beer O'clock but enough to keep the
players in the dressing room to watch an encouraging spell of dressing
room cricket bowling from young Sam Pedley that had Elliot Lodge hopping
at one stage. Nice to see Dad there too, obviously picking up some tips
from his prodigy. By the time the rain had finished an hour had been

 Sunday cricketers are nothing but keen. There was no thought to overs
lost or revised run chases, just a desire to get out there and complete
the job and, as is the norm between these two sides, a really close
finish ensued. Tej got the wicket taking going and then the Bard with
his lip still on the floor from his LBW dismissal which, on reflection,
may have hit a third set (report writers privilege, go with me on this)
pied one out and then got an LBW decision of his own with a delivery
that might just about be considered competent by a kind jury.

 The wet ground made the ball increasingly hard to grip and all the
bowlers struggled. However wickets kept falling at convenient times and
when Fido came on from the Alpha Centuri end he snared three wickets
with his baseball cap wearing in swinging ankle crunchers. The equation
had become 9 wanted off two overs with two wickets in hand and the
result was genuinely up in the air like a professionally tossed pancake.

 With the pavilion lights shining brightly the penultimate over started
with four byes that immediately lifted the pressure and one swing of
Scrivens' blade brought Braunstone level. Joel Juvvanapodi bowled two
dot balls to begin the final over but he could muster no more miracles
and the visitors had got home by two wickets with three balls to spare.
It had been cricket Jim, just not as we know it.

 In every episode of Star Trek you always knew that if you were an extra
wearing a red shirt instead of a standard Yellow one you were for it at
some point. On this particular Star Date though the red caps of
Braunstone emerged victorious and the 'enterprise' (sorry about that
one) of the home side was in vein. Cricket though, like quality
television, is all about repeats and the two sides are due to meet again
next month. Until then, live long and prosper!
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