Legends vs Newbold Verdon

  Sometimes in life things go a bit flat. No particular reason for it but there are times you are geared up for champagne and end up with Dandelion and Burdock. As it was for the first team who struggled against Enderby on the top square so it was for the Legends on the bottom.


 With clouds as threatening as a 24 hour Megadeath marathon the visitors won the toss and batted. That they got to 208 for 9 was down to extreme fortune with the rain which amounted to no more than a glasses misting annoyance and some indifferent bowling. That is to say indifferent for all but Ben Lodge who started off with a singlehanded superman style run out and then proceeded to run through the opposition with his golden arm tweakers. On present form he could probably fall arm first down a drain and come out clutching your mothers missing wedding ring.


 It does have to be said conditions were not easy. The pitch has a certain two paced feel about it and a wet ball across a damp outfield did little to make things easier. It was certainly simpler to bat on it in a backseat capacity from the safety of the pavilion as a succession of batsman discovered.


 By beer o clock the home side only finished 5 down thanks to some sterling work from Olly Lodge and Dave Pounds which led the Legends to the respectability of the 170’s. Mention must be made of Simon Edmonds who despite a duck on debut performed with admirable application and curse the fielder who clung onto a chance at point when all the awaiting masses wanted to see (including wife and son) was a run to this name.


 Perhaps it was the damp weather that turned this match into something of damp squib but this new look Sunday side don’t seem capable of the unintentional comedy and pratfall entertainment of Sundays past. Sure they are younger and probably a better unit but this particular writer is saddened by the lack of interesting material generated by their efforts. Indeed it wouldn’t surprise me to hear nostalgic club sages whispering the name ‘Barkworth’ with a melancholy whine.


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