Sunday Legends vs Langtons

When Steven Speilberg made the ‘Back To The Future’ trilogy he clearly missed this script. This Sunday friendly made any time travelling adventure Michael J Fox got up to pale into insignificance as the returning Kibworth old guard roared, before presumably walking stiff legged to the pavilion for a warm milky drink before bedtime.


 The Jurassic Phone Book was obviously dusted down as Paul Abbott, Arthur Morritt, Dave Collins and skipper Malc King took to the field after Kibworth lost the toss. You could say it would be difficult to hide so many old ‘uns in the field, if you were unkind you could also suggest with those four in the side there was a lot less field to cover, but it promised to be a banter filled fun fest.


 Rob Collins roared in from one end, Dave King matched his efforts from the other and The Bard made efforts behind the poles to wear as many as possible in the absence of putting the gloves and the cherry in the same frame. Initial success was hard to find but even in the heat of the afternoon and with Abbo literally sweating IPA the effort levels did not wane.


 Mid way through the innings it became the turn of Arthur Morritt to have his first trundle of the year. His first ball pitched on a nice length outside off stump, there was a skinny scratch and the chance was pouched by the unskinny keeper. Cue disbelief from Morritt and not a little of the same from The Bard who was visibly surprised to have pouched a chance standing up to the wicket. Not content with this success Arthur proceeded to bag another victim, this time caught and bowled, with the first ball of his next over. It was shaping up to be a top quality afternoon.


 Langtons ended up on 211 for 4 which seemed like a par score on a pitch that was obviously a belter if occasionally low in bounce. Some of the fielding of the veterans was also low and difficult to bounce back upright unaided, Arthur himself quipped that he was now of an age that when he found himself on the floor he often looked round for something else to do. A good spirited (if a little weary) Kibworth outfit made for the pavilion at tea having bowled a highly commendable 47 overs in two and a half hours.


 In reply those with keen eyesight will have seen an eye blurringly brief appearance by Abbo at the top of the order before he resumed his normal position by the bar for the rest of the game. Enter then Dave Collins who mixed a safety ‘pad’ first defence with the occasional bludgeoning swipe to the boundary that caused Fido at the other end to play some expansive shots of his own merely to avoid being lapped on the scoreboard.  Indeed our pint sized fuzzy haired stumper did seem locked on the horns of a dilemma when facing one inexperienced female bowler, should he hit her offerings for six or ask for her phone number? Ever the gentleman he chose two almighty leg side maximums and presumably went home to his play station instead.


 The good start continued as Collo hit the runs to be first to his fifty, indeed one wicked tongued observer wondered if his unexpected exertions had cost him a cup size or two. Thankfully for the C.P.R. trained amongst us his innings soon ended and he came in to a well deserved ovation from his team-mates. Fido however continued his chanceless innings as Kibby cruised towards their victory target; the only question was if he could get to his three figures in time, or even if he wanted to without his Dad’s wallet on hand to buy the beer. The scores were level, there were five overs remaining and he was on 97 not out but he took the challenge and boomed a big shot to the boundary to win the game and enter into the unwelcome territory of jug avoidance, sorry standards indeed for a decidedly useful cricketer. That’s the lack of beer buying not cricketing talent, obviously….


 It had been a good win with good banter on a hot afternoon played amongst many old friends (some older than others) and it was an undisputed pleasure to see them all again. It was the sort of afternoon you remembered quite why you fell in love with Sunday cricket in the first place.




Abbott, Matthew B, Collins D, Lodge B, Lodge O, Lodhia, Jennings (Wkt), Collins R, King D, King M, Morritt.

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