The Bard on the end of an Era

Third XI V Stoke Bruerne        


Third XI lost by six wickets


 There are some times that the result is secondary, even in league cricket. Certainly the fact that promotion was already secured enabled a much changed team to take the field but even that paled into insignificance when faced with the impending retirement of a sporting colossus. Now by this I didn’t mean that Shane Warne had come for a post IPL swansong or that Sachin Tendulkar had chosen this fixture to announce his sporting departure, I literally mean a colossus was retiring. After some 43 years of league cricket Paul Abbott was bowing out.


 There can be little that ‘Abbo’ hasn’t seen on a cricket field in his nearly half a century of playing but even to the last one thing concerned him, the rumoured absence of a bar at his final playing destination. The every resourceful Mick Wilkins then piled him high with an off licence worth of produce to tempt him to pull the pads on one last time and out to the sound of battle our gout ridden warrior went.


 It would be hugely unfair to pass criticism on Abbo or any of the batters for the failure that happened although a total of 65 was hardly a triumph. Dave Greenhalgh smote a breezy 27 but the rest fell apart like a poorly made blancmange. 25 overs later and the team was in the dressing room preparing to start the second half hoping to make the game last long enough to enable to tea lady to catch up.


 The end of term feeling perhaps spread into the home dressing room as Dunc Jones took a trio of early scalps to leave Stoke at 5 for 3 and a whiff something highly unlikely began to permeate but only one more wicket would fall as the home side romped home with 60 overs still to spare. This though was not a day to moan or complain, this was a day to recognize something altogether more important and cricket club bars throughout the East Mids will no doubt be poorer for it!




Taylor, Abbott, Greenhalgh, Boucher (Wkt), Jones, Lodge B, Simpson H , Lodge E, Lodhia, Jennings, Thompson J

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