Brian Hollis

The club is sad to announce that former KCC player Brian Hollis passed away in his sleep on 19th October 2011 aged 73 years. He leaves a wife, and two children, Andrew (who also played several games for the club) and Susan. Brian was also a proud grandad of Jodie, Jamie and Joshua.

Brian played as first team wicketkeeper in the 1970′s & 80′s and was always a jovial team mate. It has to be said that his own individual ‘style’ of keeping involved considerable use of the pads often allowing the ball to hit them whilst he stood with arms open as if signally a wide. Brian was a busy lower order batsman and one of the last players to bat without a box, a fact we all discovered when he was hit it the appropriate area at Sileby and lay prostrate in the changing room for well over an hour with damp towels administered in the appropriate areas.


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