Kibworth Sunday Legends V Hinckley Amateur

On an afternoon where it wouldn’t have been surprising to see a polar bear (or was it Abbo in a thick jumper) wandering by the bottom square the Sunday XI remerged from
their hibernation to resume their particular brand of mischief. The defeat may have been comprehensive, the weather cold but the warm welcome given to new captain Kean Folley was absolutely genuine. To a team that has had more skippers than your average girls
only playground in recent years it was a pleasure to welcome such a clubman into the role.

Now I don’t want to labour the point but it was cold. The sort of cold where you man bits would cheerfully retreat in falsetto style if they could. However if only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun then only barking mad cricketers risk a game in Mid-April and therefore into the breach went the Legends.

Now it has to be said conditions  were difficult (one sideline wag referred to it as links cricket), the wicket very slow and the home batters generally showed good patience and
application to try and work their openings. Special nods in that direction to be given to openers Henry Simpson and Monik Patel who showed commendable fortitude with the ball passing the outside edge on numerous occasions. Especially in the case of Monik this
was some bowling achievement as he wielded a bat that must have taken about half of Sherwood Forest to press. I’m not saying it was bulky but that particular piece of willow was comfortably thicker than Forrest Gump with a hangover.

You can’t dress it up however and a final Kibworth total of 76 for 8 after 40 overs does point to, perhaps understandably, a lack of scintillating stroke play. Indeed
every batter who tried to ramp up the scoring usually found themselves on a return ticket to devastation island pretty soon after. If Kibworth were to win it would require bowling more miserly than Scrooge and with more movement than John Travolta with a cattle
prod attachment.

Faced with a low total, an open bar and an uncertain wicket perhaps it was not surprising that one visiting opener went onto the offensive. Showing some neat touches, a
good eye and  a desire to finish proceedings before a passing eskimo decided to reclaim the square it some became apparent defeat would not be long coming. There would however be time for Monik to bag the first two Sunday victims of the season, both with balls that
clipped the top of middle and off, the second one breaking the bail into the bargain. Such talent is good to see but probably wholly out of place within the Sunday environment.

So defeat it was but you can’t be too down at the beginning of the season. The banter was good, fun was had and it was great to see familiar faces once more. Roll on next



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