KCC Kwiks – Match Report: Friday 25th May 2012

Welcome all to a new season – after weeks of rain we finally
managed to get into some competitive cricket. Nevertheless the
conditions were overcast and with the wind whipping across Houghton on
the Hill it was also very cold.
We took two teams (plus a few extras):  Team Pietersen (TP)  and
Team Strauss (TS) .   Each played two games: TP played Houghton and
Rowlatts Hill with TS playing Market Harborough and Electricity Sports.
TP V Houghton on the Hill  (Won by 40 runs)
This was a convincing win for TP.  Bowling first they restricted
Houghton to just 40 runs in 8 overs, taking 4 wickets in the process
(each wicket is -5 runs remember), leaving Houghton with a final score
of 220  (start on 200, plus 40 runs, minus the 4 wickets!)  It was
really pleasing to see some very straight and controlled bowling
throughout the innings with several dot balls and very few wides.  In
particular the bowling of Jack Fleetwood with a wicket maiden and George
Rawlings (1w:2 runs) stood out.  In response TP scored 70 runs for the
loss of only 2 wickets giving them a total of 260 runs and a comfortable
win.  There was some excellent batting throughout with a steady
accumulation of runs from all players involved.
TS V Market Harborough (Won by 18 runs)
This was a super game of 10 aside cricket – Harborough batted first
and racked up a total of 247 runs.  It looked like being a rout after
the first 2 overs with Harborough amassing 16 runs in the second over
alone.  However, Jack Senior and Ben Fleetwood pulled it back taking 2
wickets and 1 wicket respectively in the next 2 overs, pinning
Harborough back to just 216 after 4 overs.  From there on the bowling
was very tight and Harborough struggled to score.  The pick of the
bowlers toward the end was Finlay Stacey who bowled fast and straight
and was unplayable.  In response TS batted steadily to begin with and
struggled to score more than ones and twos for the first 4 overs.  By
the end of the 7th over there was only 1 run in it with three overs to
go.  Not to worry – Ollie Impey and Zach Parsons took control scoring 15
off the 8th over and taking the game away from Harborough and allowing
the Senior twins to ease
TS to a victory.
TP V Rowlatts Hill  (Lost by 12 runs)
This was a nail biter and went down to the last over.  Rowlatts
Hill came with a strong team who bowled straight and fast at TP making
it very difficult for them to score.  TP did well to keep the ball out
and throughout the 8 overs only conceded one wicket.  The pick of the
batters were Will Noble and Libby Haward with a partnership of 12 in
their 2 overs and a string of boundaries and scoring shots.  By the end
of the 8 overs TP had set a score of 245 – a little short of a
defendable total but something to work with.  Rowlatts Hill started
steadily and after 2 overs were half way to catching TP.  However,
wickets from George Impey, Thomas Haward, Will Jones and Kush Nathwani
pegged them back.  At the end of the seventh over Rowlatts Hill needed 8
to win with one over to go.  Unfortunately a wide ball that ran to the
boundary for 4 (total 6 runs) off the first ball undid the hard work
from the earlier overs
and allowed Rowlatts Hill to reach their target with balls to spare,
finally reaching 257.  A great game and one the kids were excited by
regardless of the result.
TS V Electricity Sports (lost by 4 runs)
TS bowled first in this match – another 10 aside and 10 over game
which kept the parents at the ground long after many others had left
(thank you & sorry!).  Electricity Sports compiled a huge total of
281 runs picking boundaries to the leg side with regular monotony and
they conceded only one wicket in the very last over.  Our bowling didnt
help matters either with 22 no balls or wides adding 44 runs to their
total – some work to be done on this in the coming weeks.  Nevertheless
the batting response was fabulous – simply instructions to ‘hit the ball
hard’ seemed to go down well and despite a slow start of only 13 runs
in the first 4 overs Alex Herbert and Jack Senior rescued the run rate
smashing 19 runs from their 2 overs and running hard between the
wickets.  With 2 overs to go TS were still in need of 34 runs to win the
game – Ollie Jackson and Zach Parsons came in and scored 14 from the
penultimate over, 20 to win from
the last – then a 2, 1, 1, 4, Nb (2 runs), 4 byes, – 6 to win from the
last ball.  Sadly, not to be – a single was all that could be gained
with a total score of 277, 4 short of the tie and 5 short of the win.
It was a great start to the season and good to see some new players
doing so well.  We look forward to the next game on the 1st June when
some players will be rotated to allow those who didnt play this week a
chance.  Thank you to all the kids and parents for your support and
Chris Haward
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