The Bard loses the plot

Bowden V Kibworth Legends

Match abandoned

Now there are some things that really yank my proverbial chain. Political
liberals, Formula 1 motor racing, people abroad who can’t get their head
around the fact you really don’t like coffee, the Archbishop of
Canterbury whose beard alone is an affront to common decency and
Englands inability to win penalty shoot outs being just some of them.
However my ire rose to new levels yesterday.

The 2012 season so far has been akin to a tasting session of supermarket
own brand lager, a wet anticlimax. Truth be told any experienced
Cricketer has to accept mother natures foibles but when you game is
called off thanks to an overnight monsoon that meant only boat race
cricket was possible and then the sun comes out to mock you in the
afternoon it real starts to grate.  I mean REALLY starts to grate.

I don’t doubt the ground was unplayable, not for a second. I spent part
of the afternoon at East Midlands airport with mini and Mrs Bard
watching the planes taking off and being force fed ice cream. In the
outdoor viewing area we were surrounded by puddles that made Lake
Windermere look like a paddling pool but to be there with a warm sun on
my back just felt like Mother Nature is some kind of Labour voting
Formula One fan with an unholy beard, a penchant for strong coffee and
dubious footballing technique.

Toys out of the pram? Quite possibly!

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