FK’s Sunday Cup report

After a day of rest from on-field action on Saturday, it would be the off field antics on Saturday evening that would take centre stage.  A magical win for the county
under new captain cobb to make it 2 out of 2 and hopefully captain craven wouldn’t
instigate disciplinary measure wayne white style for those players opting for
some pre cup Saturday night action.

With Elvis making the trip up from Wiltshire as his game also abandoned and FK’s first night out since the fated 1st XI league winning night out in town in 2002 it was also Ackers debut on a team night out and his first encounter with Drives.

Having had back to back night outs, Pedro declined albeit with 3 hours notice given by FK and Craves not sure if he was coming but would make a call later on. So the line up was FK, brought, Drives, Ackers and a late addition of Elliot “who left this omlette on the back seat of the taxi” lodge and the umpiring inspector.

After light warm up held in the swan training ground with Bails, the squad tried to tempt poundsy into switching his flip flops for some suitable footwear for town . “did anyone tell colin at this point that trainers are forbidden in terrace?” Poundsy was having none of it, much to the disspointment of FK who would be the oldest member of the team. Although thankfully peds was there and looks considerably older anyway.

Drives was the evening’s administrator and organised the transportation and the boys’ were chauffeured in style to the lansdowne in a people carrier with blacked out windows, arriving like a one direction tribute band at a gig. Of course what everyone needs after a taxi ride is a nice drink, or with Drives at the bar a Mojito! The mint from the mojito would
feature the next day in Brought’s mouth after his second over.

In random rounds it was FK’s choice of drink next and he selected a fine round of Guinness. A refusal to consume from the south african allrounder claiming it was the worst thing he has ever put in his mouth. Something drives couldn’t lay claim to !

Unfortunately due to reporting restrictions or a memory like elliots which only managed to recall anything up until 10.30pm, the night went well. A few laps round town and bags of fun or was it funbags? And platinum drinking performance all round with FK just ahead by a nose.

The boys were safely back for the curfew imposed by Craves who even turned up to ensure the players were adhering to the club’s pre-game policy. So to the game. A Quarter Final county cup tie vs neighbours Lutterworth. Team news and Aamir “Big Mac” Mahmood was declared fit, Broughts would be declared fit but not sure what for, having scared chairman into thinking broughts had passed away in his car in the night. The safe hands of FK
were clearly needed in the field and with Colin not able to play due to cup rules. (Pedro would have probably played him anyway) the side was ready to take
on an unfamiliar lutterworth side containing some youngsters and thankfully the
absence of Lewis Hill who just scores runs for fun against us and was away on
unicorns duty.

Craven won the toss and broughts was delighted to know we
were fielding.  A decent bowling performance all round and apart from a few flat spots, wickets were taken at the right time and FK held a good catch to dismiss danger man and opposition captain karl Smith. Pedro shelled a sitter in the outfield and only just held
on to another to redeem himself. Masic was nearly dismissed by Daz expecting
notification of a change of action, despite his second full season of bowling
seam. The innings closed on 135 and although not a big score, it was a challenging
total on a heavy outfield.

Craves and Ram opened in usual fashion and just as the partnership began to blossom, Craves scuffed a full bunger and Ram was given ct behind having hit his bat into his pad. This incensed pedro at the other end and the umpires favourite voiced his disgust visibly.  The boys watched from the balcony as the former skipper began to nudge the ball around and as FK joined the boys on the balcony thecli mate changed and the wind got up and drifted across the balcony. With Pedro and Daz at the crease, the bar taking’s started to rise. Daz’s fluent play was being hampered by having to run singles off pads and byes at the other end and slowly he too turned into a fully fledged meerkat.

In the bar everyone was taking the opportunity to congratulate Cobby on his appointment as captain of the county 1 day side and Greg was clearly worried that Abbo would shortly start telling Ronnie Sarwan how he single handedly developed the batting skills of both him and Greg. Fortunately the hard drinking covers bothering nurdeller didn’t corner the west indian run machine and captain cobb made it safely back home on his own for a bbq for 1. (only to be ruined by pedro arriving later in the evening to talk him through
his 45 singles.

Fk had the delights of fido repeating the same story about how he got served a pint in a pub the day before. (He was abboesque in the frequency of story repetition) and with him sat next to the eater telling a story about how he saw a bentley for sale in a car shop (I think you wanted to say car showroom Els!) it was marginally less boring than watching Pedro running up and down the wicket in a flurry of run. (Not a typo! By the way)

Craves began to panic, not because the run rate was climbing, but that he thought pedro would still be there batting in the morning and he would miss his flight to Ibiza. The future mrs craven is clearly welltr ained as only she would book a holiday that arrives back on a Friday to ensure that her man wouldn’t miss a single game of cricket. We did ask her why
she was taking 12 bottles of suncream for just 6 days holiday and she said it
was because they were spending a few days on a nudist beach and she didn’t want
matthew to get anything burnt.

The game rocketed to a stunning climax (the anti variety) as
I think Pedro ran another single somewhere within 4 yards of the stumps and we
had won and progress to the semi final.

With 2 cups still in play there is a good chance of some silverware although there are some great sides still in both competitions and a lot of league cricket to play depending on our amazing summer.


Good to see the ex-kCC boys on parade at the weekend (Cobb, Smith, Driver & Burton) and a good Sunday crowd. PS has anyone been up to KCC since April and not seen Tim Neal and Ellwood drinking together? #singlehandedlykeeping barprofitsup

And the motto of the week “ Live your life like an episode of the Jeremy kyle Show”

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