County Cup Semi final report

Well with a dry and what promised to be muggy day, a trip to
Sileby for the County cup semi final and some late night re-jigging of the side
from craves. Like drives trying to figure out which busty and most drunk
conquest to take back, Craves pondered at the bar for over an hour with a scrap
of paper and pen. Eventually it came down to Abbo and FK for the 11th
man with Jan Ellwood unavailable and 3 passers by not having any whites, FK
snuck into the side.

A nasty injury Aadil sustained while resting and doing
nothing, meant that under the advice of the Physio, he should rest his ankle
completely, apart from running around, jogging and netting, which is nothing
like playing a game of cricket and so following the docs orders, he had to make
do with spectating.

Broughts and FK stopped off en route, with cannon having
badgered birthday stats and un-covered that it was actually Daz’s birthday and
bought a cake and candles for the all rounders Birthday. Craves had sat outside
daz’s house all night to ensure Daz did not leave the house for any birthday
celebrations.  The cake would have to
wait as no premature celebrations should be taking place.

Sileby won the toss and decided it would be best to build
some score board pressure and opted to bat on what looked a good deck. It was
in over number one that a potential breakthrough could have taken place. Only a
man of FK’s athletic prowess could have turned into even a 5% chance and a
searing edge saw him risk life, and his teeth and almost pulled of a
spectacular catch inches from the deck full stretch with his left hand, but the
pace and trajectory of the ball saw it evade him and rightly the Sileby crowd
stood to acknowledge the pure guts and determination of the effort.

That set the standard and from then on the fielding was
excellent. Led by CPM who raced round the outfield faster than a trip in Mr
CPM’s Mclaren or any of team b in a 505 off sale in nando’s.  Other notable fielding performances were from
pedro in the deep. The logistics guru was simply rolling back the years despite
bits of him slowly disintegrating as the game progressed. Had his yardage
thrown stats been recorded its possible he had hurled the ball further in 1
game, than in his previous 10 seasons walking from one side of the strip to the
other and much like his batting staying within the square.

Bowling was tight and everyone did a tremendous job, CPM was
simply breath taking as mini craves completed some outstanding saves on the
long on boundary even throwing one in whilst on his knees.  Big credit to the bowlers and also for a very
sharp piece of keeping from tommo who spotted a little back foot lift to take a
great stumping standing up to Aamir.

Ledge as usual kept the rate down and gave us the control
from one end and Aamir, Daz, brought and CPM put in some tight overs mixing
things up and from a position where they could have kicked on had gale been
able to kick on, closing on 198 was a target the KCC would have taken on that
deck most weeks. That said with kinch’s quality off spin and a very solid
supporting bowling attack and athletic young fielding side it would always be a
tough second half.

Without doubt the nailed on tea of the season was on offer
as there was so much pizza it was even possible to break the 1 slice rule and
Craves would be partnered once again by his regular partner, following the
previous day’s league changes to batting order. Ram started with excellent
intent and was looking to score from every ball. So as always was craves
although he was less bothered about where the scores were going to come from
and clearly how.  A couple of large sixes
in true craven style kept the kcc line up in good spirits and a very positive
start saw us edge past the 20 over score of Sileby and ahead of the net run
rate should it rain. Ram fell to a ct behind from something he didn’t know
anything about and before the meerkats and ferrets of pedro and daz could get
busy, both fell with 20 between them and the cheeks were getting clenched
tighter than Take That sharing the closing ceremony dressing room with George

CPM had other ideas and began a free scoring knock of 40
odd, supported by the soon to depart craven whose beautiful drive was caught
just of the floor at cover. (ok you aren’t going to believe that. he was caught
wiping across the line to a half tracker that went up in the air. FACT) still
we had done most of the hard work. As Peely went to the crease to join CPM the
clouds gathered and we were fortunately ahead of the run rate but with kinch
bowling the run rate could start to ease back.

A burst of rain saw the game halted for a while and then on
return we needed something to give us a positive lift and re-start. That man
was the mystery and enigma that is peely. 2 smart clips and a pull and a nurdle
and the first over went for 15, which took a big load of pressure off the
batting side and gave us a big physiological boost and it was clear that this
dented the opposition. A few of the earlier more vocal sileby players went back
into their shells and gave the BS a rest and even though both peel and CPM
would depart, it left Aamir and FK the task of just batting sensibly and not
panicking or giving them a route back into the game. FK’s arrival at the crease
was as expected as he was in the side as the bag carrier according to the opposition.
(good point actually as they must have been in the bar at kcc the night before
over hearing craves deliberating about who to pick!) a second ball 4 eased FK’s
nerves and Aamir at the other end was exactly the opposite of craves, who could
have beaten Mo Farrah round the perimiter of the boundary his pacing was that
quick. The pair worked the ball around with FK even signalling his excitement
at meerkatting a single within the square to his team mates. Aamir clipped one
over mid on to seal the win and a place for about 8 of us at grace road!

Daz blew out his birthday candles and FK dropped the cake on
the floor (unusual as he had been so good in the field earlier) and a quick
trip back via the woodies and the end of a good weekend. Great to see mason and
hanger hit some form before the finals and with fabes doing a 4 knuckle shuffle
playing for the MCC we are now asking tommo to keep for all 4 teams on
Saturday. Colin scores his maiden LCCL ton and greg showed us all how to get
out and to make the Spiers men as angry as possible.

Still lots of league points needed to be picked up for
safety and for the 4’s to get promoted and some silverware still on offer
there’s a lot to play for.

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