Legends V Braunstone Cricketers

It’s the Monday morning when the  country’s post-Olympic hangover kicks in. However the Legends began their downer approximate 24 hours early as they slumped to a pretty
unsatisfactory 52 run defeat to Braunstone Cricketers.

On a blameless wicket  the visitors, who seemed considerably more up for it than a home side with all the energy of a hung over Teletubby, scored 164 then dismissed the
Legends for 112 which made the heroics of the past three matches a distant memory. 11 drawing boards were last seen heading in the direction of the Kibworth dressing room at the close of play.

Not everyone should be criticized so harshly. Badri’s opening spell was tighter than a
Yorkshireman in Poundland and it was his fifth over before a run was etched against his name, and that was a no ball. The rest of the bowling was, to put it kindly, experimental. Sam Pounds mixed seam and spin, Ben Lodge tried his hand at seam up, Olly tried tweaking, Jatin found a full bunger to get his victim and The Bard seemed no
better for his three month bowling lay off despite
dismissing some poor unfortunate. A fine tea seemed a welcome

The malaise however continued after the break.  Laurence Joel was plumb LBW attempting to play cricket a la Francis, Ben and Olly once again proved that batting brothers is a run out (and swear box filler) waiting to happen and Luke Spence who had been smashing it like Chris Gayle holed out at deep mid-wicket playing a shot more like Windy Miller.Unlike previous weeks however
the support cast was unable to cobble together a stern rearguard action
and when Jatin missed a straight one after a rare double figure score
the game was up and Kibworth were beaten. This
was a particularly galling to certain Balcony Boozers who had been
deprived of at least another pint’s worth of entertainment.

Sunday cricketers, much like Eric Idle in the Olympic Stadium some hours later, however must always remember to look on the bright side of life.

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