last league game

The last game of the season always brings with it mixed
feelings. With so much cricket having been called off there is still plenty of
enthusiasm left and no weeks to use it, unless we count the winter of sat
nights in terrace ahead.

Team news would see the absence of pedro. Unusually only
missing 1 game for football this season and he would be replaced by FK who
hadn’t retired.

Greg Smith would be too busy chasing dream and being the 3rd
wheel in cornwall and so Englands newest captain would be added to the 11. The
father and son dream team of cobb and FK would be far more successful on the
pitch than their antics off the pitch later in the evening.

A gorgeous bright sunny day and the lush outfield with dew
settled on it and as one of the worst warm ups took place, I think craves won
the toss and put them in. the opposition Thorpe Arnold needed a win to help
them stay up and hope the results elsewhere went for them. Before he joins kcc
next season, it would be Stoughtons spinning allrounder james Sykes who was on
a one man mission to keep them up before he departs and he was looking for his
LCCC team mate cobb to ensure a home win at fleckney road.

Broughts treated us to a new moustache for the game in a ron
Jeremy style or like a wing commander from ww2. Strangely it suited him but he
later removed it as cobb refused to been seen out in public with him. (although
he was happy to go out with drives and fk, so not sure?)

Batting order was the big dilemma. Actually no it wasn’t.
Craves needed 16 runs to hit 1,000 but fell 10 short. I am sure we were all
still laughing at midnight! Sorry mate. But a decent season from the skipper
with the bat. I wonder how many runs we would all get opening every single

Aadil followed shortly after and then Ram decided the best
way to enjoy a bat with the England captain would be to run CPM out which he
did in emphatic style. Cobb would bat at 5 with the departing shot that he
would try and hang around to have a knock with fk batting at 6. Yes 6!

Ram departed and with 2 spinners on, it was fk’s nightmare.
Well one of them anyway. With his bat on duty at countesthorpe in the hands of
T.J.Mason one of Cobby’s T20 sloggers would have to be used.

The last time fk and cobb batted together was 2006 and the
last time they partnered each other was 2 weeks before. Hopefully they would be
more successful.

And so like Yoda and luke skywalker, the wise old master and
the youthful energetic apprentice went about there business. Cobb planting the
spinner over the clubhouse to the sound of a thud and what was thought to be a
lost ball. As both batters grinned in the middle, the thought dawned on cobb
that it was in the line of his own car. Fk was not worried as he had parked the
love bus under the clubhouse next to the bins. He would have to be very unlucky
for it to hit his car!. Oh yes, his lucky life streak just keeps on giving and
sure enough the ball defied all known dynamics to land right in the corner of
his windscreen and splinter across the whole of the screen. Only peely would know
whats its like to drive without being able to see properly.

Cobb reached his 50 with some clean hitting and with fk in
uncharacteristic meerkat form at the other end, the score board began to repair
itself as at 200 plus score would be needed to see if we could help #teamsykes
to safety.

Not quite getting hold of another attempt to break somebody
elses window, cobby was caught at long off for 60 and with a moustache like a
privet hedge underneath his lid, broughts would join fk to complete a
procession of looseness.

Normally broughts and fk are batting to save a few points or
bore for a draw at the tail end but the pair had plenty of overs to bat and an
original target of 200 to reach. Fk scuffed his way to 50 and then decided he
had proven his point to craves and so could cut loose and went about a series
of smears and hacks as the t20 kookabura stick performed well and the ball just
kept going. A tired shot on 80 and a missed straight one saw the end of the
former tail ender and it was left to ledge and broughts to keep things going
and maximise the score. A partnership of 104 from the former langtons duet and
some late blows saw a decent 248 posted and a decent challenge for the Thorpe
boys to go for.

Ram and aadil spend most of the game bickering with each
other and so to settle things, craves agreed they should be awarded points
during the day and the person with the least points would become the other ones
fag. Ram hadn’t got himself off to a great start by running out cpm and Aadil batting
total also put them level as we headed into field.

Young o.lodge took the new ball with jay and the pair bowled
some great tight lines and it was evident that the batters were not really
looking to push on. Father and son cobb and fk were at 1st and
second slip but seemed to be distracted as they were posting live game tweets
from behind the wicket. Luckily they were not required to dive around or break
anymore screens until both their batteries went dead. The mystery surrounding
ledges need to know which of fk’s arms was tattooed via twitter became obvious
as he removed his jumper during his spell to reveal a full tattoo sleeve. Much
pedro style shoulder movements and chuckling, in true Spiro style, subtle and
very very funny.

The fielding sides confusion as to why the Thorpe boys seemed
to not be going for it became clear. It seemed results were not going there way
and they threw the towel in early and had given up and the game was looking
like a 50 over net until a few break throughs and a run out. We were back in
the hunt for a win and from 1 end, craves decided it should be 1 over and if
you don’t get a wicket your off. Cobb started the proceedings with some medium
pace and was removed from the attack wicketless. Fk looked outstanding with
some inswingers and only cobbs disgraceful fielding prevented a maiden and some
athletic prowess narrowly missed a sharp return catch. Craves would have the
next go and landed 4 out of 6 but was utterly hopeless and so it was back to
cobb who finished the game with a sharp stumping from tommo after Aadil dropped
a chance at slip to level his duel with ram and it was all over and
unfotunently for Thorpe the relegation to div 1.

Impressive bowling from Lodgey much to the praise of the
captain who asked if he could attend the family party so he could talk him
through it (gatecrash)

4th placed finish in the season and maybe with
Ackers available for some of the crucial big games it could have been
different, same with the weather but I guess the same for all sides. Deserved
winners Loughborough and another strong season for Harborough and its going to
be tough again in the league title race next year. Lutterworth will have to
fight back and nobody will be surprised to see them rule that division and come
straight back. Sykesy says goodbye to Stoughton after helping them stay up and
has vowed to bring glory to kcc in 2013.

Well done to the under 17’s, the 4’s and the 2’s for keeping
us in div 1 and for a new challenge for the 4’s next year. All the junior sides
have progressed well. A tough season for the 3’s losing many players to the 2’s
and having to stick out the season but overall a good year and some good cup

The evening was a relaxed affair followed by an early night
and some focussing on winter nets to come.

Winter well everyone and training will commence every 2nd
Saturday in Terrace net facility.













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