New wicket bring no joy for Kean’s boys

The Sunday XI, the team that is to quality cricket what Frank Spencer was to accident avoidance, resumed their activities last weekend with a short hop to jovial near neighbours Fleckney. In true ripping yarns though style the best part of the afternoon was the bit you couldn’t have written beforehand and, sadly, nothing to do with the game itself.


Kibworth were kindly invited to partake in the match to open F.V.C.C.’s new artificial wicket, county stalwart Claude Henderson was the man responsible for cutting the ribbon. However with such a highly respected pro in attendance it seemed rude not to invite him to send down the first cherry so back he trotted and turned his arm over.


Only in the land of £250 videos on ‘You been framed’ would such a noteworthy performer then produce a loose legside delivery that began the cat calls for stand in umpire, rotund regular Billy Bardon, to call the wide. This was truly a moral dilemma. I mean, invited guest, respected professional, dignitary doing everyone a favour by turning up on his day off. What do you do? Call a wide of course and make him do it again.


Claude took the setback in good grace and returned to his mark. This next one was closer but short enough for Kieron Wordsworth to try and swot the professional to leg, unfortunately he missed and the canny performer needed no second invitation to bellow his appeal. However it has to be said impressive though the appeal was the umpire sees bigger and uglier things every time he looks in the mirror and it was time for the match proper to begin.


Oh yes? There was a match, wasn’t there! Well Kibworth lost by three wickets. At 21 for 3 the nine men visitors were right in the cart but a fabulous stand of 134 between Kieron and Jake set the foundations for a final score of 179 after the allotted 40 overs. Despite the pleaded efforts of his club mates Luke Spence valued his under carriage more than his team mates and declined the opportunity to play so Kibworth borrowed 11 year old Archie from Fleckney with the opportunity to bowl at and dismiss his older brother, which he duly did to bring the house down. In truth Kibby were a bowler short and the end came with about 3 overs to spare.


All the above though is not the entire story. You see, at first slip skipper Kean Folley was trialling the idea of mid match tweeting by hiding his phone in a place where no telecommunications advice should ever have to go. Sorry for that, dear reader, but I’m just saying if faced with the opportunity of something to push buttons in the trousers department that’s not the way most of us would go…..

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