Sunday team put Great Glen in a spin

A question for all you wannabe David Attenborough’s out there. What do you do if you see two Tigers heading in your direction? You might be tempted to think the answer would be to stand very still and hope you don’t look like a succulent Antelope. Now I realise looking like a four hooved menu favourite of the plains is not very likely unless you have had a pretty heavy night and avoided a razor for a fortnight but in this case the Tigers in question were Craig Newby and Scott Hamilton looking for an afternoon’s entertainment that didn’t involve being underneath 15 hulking Welshman (other nationalities are available)

The early losses of Sam Pole and Ian Blunt, both to pretty sharp catches, allowed the Antipodean Egg Chasers to show that crunching power isn’t just restricted to the Rugby field and the ball began to disappear to all parts of the ground. The scoreboard was moving faster than Darcy Bussell with an inflammable tutu but there were still 20 overs to go when both found themselves in the warmer climes of the pavillion and with a match winning score still not secured.

This was not to be an afternoon of collapse however. Stand in skipper Jay Boucher clubbed an impressive 64 including the patent ‘Boosh Scoop’, for the uninitiated think Dilshan but with an AWFUL lot more methane. Add in a free swinging cameo from Ian Simpson and the home side had finished on 253.

Badri bowled his usual tight lines, Lee Butler proved a more than helpful foil at the other end and the visitors never really threatened to overhaul their target. Scott Hamilton however provided the real talking point of the reply as he misread the brief and started bowling Garyowens rather than medium pace and was removed from the attack by the visiting umpire three beamers later.

New boy Asif took four wickets on his Sunday debut, the Bard moonballed a couple of wickets, Newbs and Ian Blunt also secure success as victory was secured by around 70 with two overs to spare, just in time in fact to witness the exciting end to the match on the main square.

Excitement might have been a little beyond the brief of the Sunday XI on this particular afternoon but if beamers, boosh scoops and ball freezing temperatures float your cricketing boat Kean’s team might be just your thing.


William Jennings – 28/04/2013

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