Eight ‘Old Wives’ take the spoils

This was the match with more drop outs than the ill fated Celibacy degree course at the Parisian University d’amour. Abbo and Ken had been billed to appear but ended up ‘hors de combat’, strained fetlock or drinkers elbow we weren’t sure. It was a shame really because the wicket was an absolute dream for batsmen young, old or even older and blade users would doubtless need an MOT to use it.

It wasn’t just Kibworth who ended up with a surprise line up. Visitors Old Wyvernians had been hit hard by late pull outs and only had eight players to fight the good fight, or to continue the French theme, surrender in the face of the enemy. Faced with a mismatch (or so we thought) skipper Kean Folley asked for a volunteer to move to the opposite dressing room and then offered them a fielder on a rotation basis. In a Sunday negotiated sort of way therefore it would be a 10 aside 30 over bash and last one in the bar missed the left over sarnies.

Kibworth opened the batting with newbie Callum Wordsworth and Ian Blunt doing the honours, Callum with his avowed aim to keep brother Kieran under pad rash conditions for as long as possible in the hutch. The generosity of Kean then immediately backfired as the Old Wyvs threw the new ball to John Butler who made a slight concession by shortening his run, but still sent down some lively stuff.

Kibworth had emerged from the opening barrage with only one casualty, Ian Blunt the unfortunate victim. Seasoned Sunday watchers were them somewhat surprised to see The Bard waddling to the middle to occupy the number 3 spot. It perhaps wouldn’t be unkind to suggest Kean had reversed the order or perhaps had given his list to the umpire upside down. It was even more surprising to see that the wordsmith stuck around for an hour accumulating a vaguely competent 25 that complimented the more aggressive Callum at the other end who fell just one run short of a well deserved half century.

Not to be out done Wordsworth Mark II gave it some long handle and enabled the home side to reach 151 at the end of their overs which seemed like a reasonable score, even on a wicket which made bowlers wish they had taken up tiddlywinks instead of the great game.

What had seemed like a good score at tea turned out to be a only a minor inconvenience as the Old Wyvs eased home by 9 wickets with 3 overs to spare. Opening batter Wakeling played straight and with a good range of shots that took him to a chanceless century with the final hit of the game. All the bowlers took some tap including Johnny Butler who was tossed the ball late on only to see it fly by him three time in quick succession as the visiting batters were attracted to the bright lights of the bar.

Kibworth, as they try so often to do, had done the right thing but somehow contrived to lose to an opposition who were able to turn up with only three quarters of a team. On reflection it did feel rather like discovering your house has been robbed and then finding a note from the burglar criticizing your soft furnishings but it was a Bank Holiday Weekend, the opposition were too nice and the day was too warm to worry all about the winning nonsense.



Onwards and upwards sports fans….




William Jennings – 07/05/2013

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