First bow out of T20

On a promised glorious day for a bank holiday Monday, KCC would host family Sports fun day and a T20 squad would head to Sileby for the first round of the Leicestershire T20, having moved to regional finals in 2011 and with hopes of going further in this years competition.

Because we knew the rules or if we didn’t thought we would check them first, we had to omit PJ to be replaced by FK and with Broughts sidelined with shin splints at the weekend and Ram leaving the club to join Syston, CPM would break from School/Chip Shop cricket to play and Pedro on the back of a scintillating ton would complete the changes from Saturday.

FK and Spraying Elvis left Folley Road and drove half way there on the right hand side of the road and were pulled over by the police. Nobody told us we couldn’t drive on that side and we didn’t know the rules of the road. We told the police we either were allowed to drive on the right hand side of the road or we wouldn’t drive at all.

With a light coating of dew on the ground and a 10am start the warm up commenced and hopefully Craves could win the toss and we could bowl first and try and knock off the total of Kinchy’s side.  However the toss was lost and we had to bat first. Craven walked out to bat with a 4 ft wide bat. We didn’t know you couldn’t do that as nobody told us the rules so he had to change it.

It was just doing a bit early on and Craven departed to one that swung away and Saif was patient in trying to put an innings together. Aadil and Daz and Pedro all chipped away with some excellent running of 3’s in a small playing surface.  What we missed was some mid innings destruction and to be fair to Sileby they bowled well and the boundaries were hard to find but perhaps we didn’t take enough chances and look for big shots with players in hand and even with some powerful blows from Saif who made an excellent 80 odd, he needed some more big strikes from the other end when we looked back and we let some bowler off lightly. A total of 147 was probably 20 or 30 light on a small ground but with strength in bowling in previous weeks was defendable.

We took then field to defend the total and decided to give the full squad a game and so Jonesy and Monik also came out to field so we had 13 men. Apparently you can’t do this as it’s in the rules, but we didn’t know as nobody told us.

It just didn’t click for our defence of the total and we just didn’t bowl well enough. 4 balls were too frequent and anything that was hit in the air just didn’t fall to hand and with bowling mixed up we just put to many slot balls out there to be hit and everything was put away and with loads of wickets in hand there wasn’t enough pressure with new batters or on the run rate.  An over of yorkers from Drives in 18 over gave some hope but there was still 2 overs to knock of the last few runs.

With just 4 to win Aamir thought about rolling the ball along the floor so they couldn’t hit a boundary but apparently that’s not allowed in the rules, but nobody told us. So with a legal delivery the in form Aleem struck a straight six and barring a win against Ashby who would have to beat Sileby and us have a better run rate, the rest was out of our hands to some extent.

A quick chat and sharp turnaround was needed but Craven was called to a summit with Kinchy and the Ashby captain. Despite having done the same thing last year and not even turning up the previous year at all, they had brought 11 players. Not the sharpest thing to do with no back up or a squad. What was even more baffling was to bring your overseas player and then wonder why he isn’t allowed to play when it clearly stated in the rules.  It was claimed they didn’t know and nobody sent them the rules. I wonder if in all the other games going on whether anyone other teams brought their pro/overseas to play?

So what do you do:

A: Play with 10 and get the phone out for an 11th Man to get in the car and on the way ASAP. Beat Kibworth and then take on Sileby

B:Say you didn’t get sent the rules and didn’t know and then say you will only play if your overseas is allowed to play.

Well you would probably say A. Knowing that your host club has sorted tea, put on bar staff, bought in stock and advertised the day, done a BBQ and banked on a good days of cricket and a pleasant day for supporters members and locals to enjoy.

Ok that’s what you would do but Ashby decided it would be best to pack up the kit and go home effectively leaving Sileby to go through and just 1 game of cricket to take place.

I lesson we all hope for ELCC and the games administrators that although it’s a premier league competition, its only worth inviting teams who want to be in it and take it seriously. Thanks from KCC to Nigel and all the members at Sileby for hosting and good luck in the following rounds.


So just didn’t click in any department and so back to league and league cup and county cup honours chase for the season.

A few beers on the way back via the Woodies and the chance to rip Cobby for having black alloys but white socks on TV and the rest of the bank holiday to get brownie points or head back to KCC to support the Family day and await the thrills of this weeks selection challenges.


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