Harborough Evening League – Great Bowden v KCC – 8 May 2013

This week saw Harborough Evening League recommence

Bowden the setting to start KCC’s title defence

A change at the helm this week’s common theme

And we are no different now Broughts leads the team.


But for now this is only as Cricket Director

Until his appointment with the shin splints inspector

So Newbs was Brought’s skipper a motivator with nouse?

As he started his team talk Scott was still at his house!


With the prospect of losing to Bowden twice on the trot

Just Luke from the 3rds was deemed not mentally shot

KCC chose to bowl & were making their mark

Avoiding their left hander kept the ball in the park.


Now it’s just my opinion & not so much fact

The introduction of Driver lacked the ‘Saturday’ impact

Without the incentive of a gold MVP hat

Is probably the reason he didn’t trouble the bat!


Set 102, opening with Pedley & Bale

Battling the elements with rain & a gale

A brisk 22 brought a Dan Pedley smile

As for his team mates with his unique running style


Newbs went for 1 and Luke went in next

Same bowler from Saturday left him out & perplexed

Bale made late 30’s but was out to the curse

Of a bowler so slow that his pace nears reverse.


With Scot in with Scholesy Bowden knew they were beaten

When Scot’s winning 6 landed just short of Smeeton

Exhausted emotionally from scoring Broughts cheered

Then showered with his winners and shampoo’d his beard!

Duncan Jones

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