First Team Jug Avoidance Update

Following on from the controversy of the 1st Team jug avoidance scandal as reported last week, there have been further developments this week as the story just wont go away.
Firstly, on a technicality (or a shameless way of ensuring no money is spent…you decide!), Captain Craven has decided that 50 runs does not warrant the purchase of a jug.  The bar now stands at a century or 5 wickets only. Reports that this effectively means Craves will never have to buy one are as yet unsubstantiated.
Having asserted his authority in reassessing the benchmark one would have expected the delivery of a first team jug on the back of a hundred from PJ at Loughborough but no…..once again there was a drought in the jug area.
Once again it was left to the 4th team to maintain their 100% record of jug delivery with Sam Pounds ensuring that £12 crossed the bar and his “five for” was celebrated in time honoured fashion.

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