Braybrooke take Sunday Spoils

After several weeks in the stratosphere this was the match when the Legends finally flagged down the mediocrity taxi. I suppose it was a bit like loosening your belt after several weeks of dieting and finally succumbing to that second piece of gateau.

Visitors Braybrooke were the victims last year of the Tommo show, a fine century (expected) and last gasp hat-trick (unexpected), reference #cricketingmiracleswhenblowingoutyourbackside. Despite Tommo not appearing this time around Braybrooke probably feared another chapter of Kibworth heroics and asked the Legends to bat.

Heavy overnight rain had left the outfield in surprisingly good shape but the wicket with the consistency of a Bakewell Tart. With pudding on offer you send in Abbo to begin the feast and Sam Pole alongside him presumably to be the tooth pick.

What followed was an object, or should that be abject, lesson on how not to bat on a slow wicket. All the top six falling to ill timed shots that ballooned the cherry skyward and offering dolly catches. This is not to say batting was easy, because it patently was not, but it will be good experience gained for the younger contingent and a reminder to the old ‘uns who should know better. Badri again was the figurehead around who the lower order rallied and a painful crawl from 93 for 6 ensured a respectable 160 all out which was probably a par score under the circumstances.

A feisty wind had whistled all afternoon but after tea it was blowing straight down the pitch, popularity with the skipper would therefore determine if you were to saunter in with a breeze at your back or charge headlong into the wind tunnel. We can only deduce therefore that teachers pet was Kieron Wordsworth and Chris Carson had posted dog poo through LJ’s letterbox.

The bowling was reasonable in its accuracy but totally top drawer in its speed as 22 overs were bowled in the first hour, and that included a drinks break. However at this point the visitors were 70 for 1 and firm favourites. The Legends though are not famed for purely alcoholic prowess and it was that man Badri again who brought the turn around taking 3-14 from an eight over spell which also induced one run out. At 96 for 5 it was evenly poised and Sunday mischief was again the air. Alas, like a hyper active Chris Bonnington things had peaked too soon. The front line bowling had been exhausted in bringing things back to parity and those that followed were not enable to provoke the finish that the bar room spectators wished to see. Even Sam ‘The Blonde Destroyer’ Walsh was unable to tempt a serious enough discretion to open up the tail.

Defeat followed by 5 wickets which was something of a shock to a team who had been dining on more impressive feats of late but life can be unfair. Sometimes you eat at a top restaurant, sometimes you have a picnic at the roadside, the trick is not to get too carried away with either and never, EVER, eat the mystery meat kebab.

William Jennings – 29/07/2013

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