PJ Breaks Ranks and Buys a Jug

Startling developments this week as amiable first teamer PJ demonstrated that he was no longer prepared to support Captain Craven’s short armed attempt to drive a wedge between club tradition and ensuring that he has enough money to spend away from the club bar.  In celebration of his outstanding century against Loughborough PJ bought the first jug delivered by a first teamer during the current season.
That brings the first team on to the scoreboard with 1 for the season (10 outstanding), 2nds’ 3 (all delivered), 3’s 6 (all delivered) and 4’s in the lead with 74 (all delivered and some!)
Unfortunately at the time of going to press Captain Craven was unavailable for comment as he was updating the red cartridge in his printer so that he could print off his scores for the season.
It remains to be seen whether PJ’s gesture drives another wedge in the fragile first team morale….watch this space!

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