The tale of the Kibworth Hat

Following a day at the 4th test in Durham on Friday a KCC party descended upon Chester Le Street CC for some after match refreshment.
To our surprise Steve was greeted with shouts of “hello Mr Chairman” from a member of the local club, who had been supporting the local brewing trade since first orders it seemed!  Craig Pattison (pictured at the top of article) then proceeded to tell us the tale of the ‘Kibworth Hat’, which stretches back to their visit to Kibworth for the semi final of the National Knock Out a few years ago.  The story goes that they stole a chef’s hat from a ‘rather obnoxious’ member of the Kibworth BBQ team….unanimously we all said “that would be Toby”…but that has yet to be substantiated!  Anyway, they took the hat home with them and kept it behind their bar until they finally won the competition a few years later, at which point they had a ceremonial burning of the item to create their very own Ashes!

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