6-a-side Success in Spite of the Weather

Last Sunday we managed to host our annual village 6 a side competition in spite of appalling weather for the most part.

Simon Edmonds did a great job in keeping things on track and our host of volunteers kept everything moving so that it did not become the potential financial disaster that it could have been.

Thanks to our volunteers:-

Sam, Lewis, Paul and Robert for keeping the umpiring duties up to standard and scoring.

Toby, Linda, Charlsey, Ivor, Zac, CHairman, Jan, Cody, Summer, Porsche for serving up tasty BBQ treats

Di, Jan and Rhonda for feeding the kids e numbers at the tuck shop

Jack, Rob, Georgia, Joe, Amy for doing bar duty on a busy day

The competition was won by ‘Sons of Toby’, captained by Max Butler

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