Third team vs Langtons report

KCC 3rd XI travelled to Langtons on Saturday hoping to continue to pressure league leaders with a solid display against local rivals. Having been warned by Abbo that the deck would not be up the standards of Fleckney Rd Boosh was keen to bowl first and make best use of the cobbled street deck laid out by the hosts.


No umpire was the first hurdle to overcome but with senior players on both sides it was hoped that a fair game could still be had by all. Ollie and Kev opened the attack as per usual and Kev saw early reward as FK took a precision stumping. Ollie was desperately unlucky at his end as three stone dead appeals were turned down but he eventually got some reward as a half tracker was slapped straight to cover. Langton’s number three played without fear of failure and used the slash and burn technique to carve the ball around the field. Wilko then came into the attack and with some precision wire cutting took reward for a full straight one. Extras began to look like the second highest scorer as FK’s job was made almost impossible by rolling balls and popping wide ones. Simple plans were executed well and good catches were taken by Broughts, Wilko and The Mighty Boosh. All out in 40 overs for 130 seemed under par even on a snake pit wicket and the boys took tea feeling the game was well within their control.

Boosh briefed the boys at tea that when umpiring the benefit of the doubt is always with the batsmen and unless confident beyond all reasonable doubt about giving any LBW decisions the finger should remain in the pocket. Wilko must have been oiling his knee during the brief as he fired Greeno off in the second over of the game much to the amusement of most except Greeno himself. Jack and Boosh had to try and make up for the early wicket and see off some tidy bowling that was made to look special by the dodgy wicket and some choice shot selection. Boosh went back when he should have gone forward, Ben Lodge missed a straight one, Jack Houlihan got a great pill, Broughts was undone by the lack of bounce, Steve told everyone not to play champagne cricket then tried to hit one into Market Harborough sixth delivery faced and played on, and so the cavalcade continued to the 25th over when poor old Kev played on to the proverbial pea shooter. 69 can be a great number when chasing 68 but sadly when chasing 130 it fell well short.

Playing at KCC has enormous advantages for the development of young players but playing on such great wickets with all facilities laid on for you makes away fixtures on under prepared wickets that much harder. Boosh suggested after the game that we had a net on the ploughed field behind Fleckney rd but sadly players’ ears were blocked by the waxy build up of defeat!

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