KCC 1st XI v Barkby

The table topping first team made the trip to Barkby without messrs Shaw, Page-Morris and Ali from last week, who were replaced by Pedro, Tej and the star of the latest Karate Kid movie Bhavik.
An unusual warm up preceded the game, as with a lack of organisation, nobody had got the warm up kit off of CPM, so an old school lap round the unusual boundaries at Barkby (the boundary zig zagged around the trees in order to make sure none were on the field of play), a game of football that resembled England’s recent performances and a 40 yard dash between Peel, Jacko and Bhav (who was wearing what can only be described as a spider man themed skin on his upper half). For those interested in the result, the race was neck and neck between Peel and Bhav, both demonstrating the top speeds of a leopard, up until the point Bhav attempted to dive across the line, underestimating the friction on his new Spider-Man suit and as soon as he landed he came to a standstill, a matter of inches from the line! This allowed Peel to win and Jacko to come in 5 minutes later to snatch silver.
Captain Craves finally won a toss and didn’t hesitate to insert the hosts on a wicket that had received a lot of rain over the previous weeks.
The seam attack of Bash, Monik, Whitty and Tej backed up their skipper by bowling tight lines early on and getting Barkby down to 70 odd for 7 after 20 overs. Tej picking up 3 wickets along the way and Bash finishing his 10 overs with 2-16.
A combination of very good batting from Barkby’s lower order and Kibworth letting their foot of the gas allowed the hosts to get up to 196 before Peely ran out their number 11.
A wonderful tea followed, however a tea that obviously didn’t agree with Sunny, as just prior to going out to bat, an urgent need to attend a call of nature resulted in PJ Van Boycott replacing him at the top of the order.
PJ had obviously decided Jess had had too much fun in Ireland as he decided to bat how an opener would have in Abbo’s days and bore everyone to death. In fact most of Abbo’s stories could be described as riveting in comparison to this knock!
Craven however, carried on from his ton last week to despatch the ball to all corners, mainly not the intended corners might that be added at this point!
This was summed up by one over where Craven attempted 5 big hits over the bowlers head, resulting in 1 four and 4 sixes in to the cow field that was conveniently at cow corner. With the crowd hoping for another miscued 6, Craven being Craven padded away comfortably the worst ball of the over for a single in order to keep the strike.
However, the ball still went further off Craven’s pad than it did of PJ’s bat on the day. By drinks, the result was a foregone conclusion and the only thing up for debate was whether Craven would reach 150 before PJ reached 50. Sunny on the other hand was cursing his bowel movements as he sat and got a taste of his own medicine in severe pad rash.
Van Boycott finally reached his 50 to bring the scores level, before the winning runs were hit after just 32.3 overs. Craven finished on a brilliant 114 which included 13 fours and 9 sixes.
Yet another convincing win for the first team, who left with another 25 points and a lot of empty shower gel bottles as Whitty fell victim to the oldest shower trick in the book.

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