Good Luck to The Maugers!

Its a strange feeling writing this article for the newsletter this week as on the one hand we have reports of a belligerent unbeaten 90 from Aaron on debut for the 4’s, which followed on from a fantastic farewell party for the family the night before.
Putting aside the ‘Leicester Tigers issue’, it is difficult to think that there will be no more open mic’ sessions on the boundary……or that Aaron will no longer try and cook a Pork Pie!…..or that Felix won’t be seen emerging from the kitchen with yet another ice cream in his mouth every time you visit KCC….or that Amy won’t be seen leading the the ‘mini Maugers’ around the boundary like a Kiwi Pied Piper!
So its with regret that we bid what will hopefully be a short farewell and good luck to Aaron, Amy and their wonderful family as they embark on new adventures, initially in the US.
Modern technology makes the world a smaller place nowadays and i am sure there will be plenty of communication exchanges between South Leicestershire and New Zealand going forward.
You will all be missed, and we hope that the friendships that you have made here in the village and at the club will hold fond memories as we await news of a reunion!
Safe journey and good luck from all of your friends here in Kibworth.
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