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Teammates - KCC Edition - Cobby

Teammates - KCC Edition - Cobby

Kevin Messenger31 May - 11:14
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One of our own, Cobby's teammates

What is a great teammate? Great teammates are committed to putting in their best effort and contribute to the team's success through their work ethic.

To celebrate the launch of the T20 blast, one of our own made his debut for Worcestershire Rapids last night, following twice being named man of the match in T20 finals for Leicestershire and Northamptonshire.

Here is Josh Cobb’s teammates:

1. First up, who’s the best & worst trainer at the club? Matt Craven & Matt Craven, loves hitting balls, hates giving back.

2. Who’s the biggest hitter in the KCC dressing room? CPM

3. Quickest & slowest player around the club? Quickest Bash, slowest still to be confirmed between Craven and Liam Phillips.

4. Club hardman? Dave Pounds - always had my back as a youth.

5. Safest pair of hands? Jigar Naik

6. Best player played with & against? With: Tim Mason. Against: Nelly gamble

7. Worst dress sense? Abbo

8. Team joker? Liam Phillips or Dave Whitmore

9. Biggest Badger? Matt Craven

10. Best KCC memory? Winning NKO semi at a packed Kibworth followed by the Lords Final

11. Best ground played at? Lords

12. Most unusual thing seen on a cricket field. - Greg smith timed out for KCC

Finally, after coming through KCC as a junior, what advice would you give to our current batch of young cricketers?
Remember why you play the game is for enjoyment but enjoy working hard and upskilling!

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