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Teammates - KCC Edition - Craves

Teammates - KCC Edition - Craves

Kevin Messenger30 May - 08:04
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Today it’s the turn of the man with 29 (Twenty-Nine) KCC hundreds and over 17000 Premier League and Cup runs.

What is a teammate? Great teammates are good listeners and can express themselves clearly. They openly share ideas, concerns, and information with their teammates.

As we prepare for the weekend fixtures, we bring you another. Today it’s the turn of the man with 29 (Twenty-Nine) KCC hundreds and over 17000 Premier League and Cup runs.

Yes, it’s Matt Craven.

Craves joined KCC in 2010, skippered the club for 4 seasons and continues to be a prominent cricketing brain (and badger) behind the scenes. Has he told you he has scored over 17000 Premier League and Cup runs?

Enjoy Craves’ thoughts on his teammates!

1. First up, who’s the best & worst trainer at the club?
Best - anyone willing to throw or bowl at me requiring nothing in return! Zubin & Broughts will bowl all night which is a tough gig.
Worst - apart from those who don’t net! Bash loves standing around talking about his over 50s innings and bowling the odd bit of filthy off spin.

2. Who’s the biggest hitter in the KCC dressing room?
Consistently has to be Cobby, he’s made a living from being an excellent slogger. Monik hits a long ball, 1 in 10 attempts.

3. Quickest & slowest player around the club?
Quickest - used to be PJ, now tough to say, perhaps Fido?!
Slowest - Liam Phillips lost the last treacle race against me so it has to be him, it’s like the opening credits to Baywatch when he runs (slow motion nothing more cynical!)

4. Club hardman?
Bash once knocked out a hippo so he’s in with a shout. Daz Shaw once played a cup final with a broken ankle. Chilli and Dave Pounds worth a mention.

5. Safest pair of hands?

Jigar is brilliant at slip, although he stands there for 40 overs a week when not bowling so he should be pretty good.

6. Best player played with & against?
Very tough question as have a long list for both.
Played against would be James Taylor, I kept wicket to him getting 200* and he hit it wherever he wanted.
Played with would be PJ, his credentials playing for SA speak for themselves but he was an amazing player who could graft it out or whack it to all parts depending on the situation and what was needed.
There are many pros / ex pros I could name but the some of the best players I played with who never played pro cricket would be Sunny Patel, Daz Shaw and Tom Driver.

7. Worst dress sense?
On the field it would be Bash, literally like a jumble sale from all his clubs.
Off the field it would be Ollie Price, please can someone take him shopping?

8. Team joker?
Whitty is the biggest wind up, usually aimed in my direction and Liam can be funny when he’s not grumpy.

9. Biggest Badger?
Many would claim it’s me. I’m less of one than I used to be. Rickesh (Ricinfo) has to be number 1 here, he knows everything about everyone at the club and other clubs.

10. Best KCC memory?
I’ve so many!
Games we’ve burgled as a team we had no right to win or close ones we’ve shaved are why we play.
Personally - First county cup win as captain against Loughborough at Grace Road was epic against the odds. Walking off 100* in a cup final to clinch the first treble as captain. Finishing my final year as captain winning another treble and another 100* in a final.

11. Best ground played at?
Allan Border Field - My hero Brian Lara watched me get a duck and then had left before I got my pads off so I didn’t get to meet him. Locally always loved batting at Hinckley and Market Harborough going back a few years.

12. Most unusual thing seen on a cricket field.
Me taking one cleanly at extra cover? We were once ‘sunned’ off due to too many cracks in the outfield from the heat. Pedro once hit a six over extra cover. Aamir with shoes and socks off at end of run up after being told out over rate was too slow.

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